Raise public awareness of the condition

Raise public awareness of the condition and the need for donor corneas (host a foundation website, develop education resources, contribute to eye care publications, partner with others involved in eye health promotion and keratoconus initiatives, engage the print and electronic media etc.


to have keratoconus included for management at all state hospitals

Educate teachers, parents & nurses

to ensure early detection and appropriate referrals

Train practitioners

on appropriate diagnosis and management of the disease

Facilitate access to necessary treatment

RGP, hybrid and scleral contact lenses, corneal – cross linking, surgical interventions (Intacs and Corneal Transplants) and patient/family counselling.

Collaborate with national and international partners

to ensure that no child has to leave school from being “blind” due to keratoconus.

Support research and development in keratoconus

Facilitate/undertake/support epidemiological and clinical research to determine national prevalence data, clinical characteristics and appropriate management strategies for keratoconus.